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Each member of ADVOC has a proven record of immediate response to the needs of clients of other member firms. Each member is committed to ensuring that all clients will be more than satisfied with the service provided. Members are selected to join ADVOC for their wide experience of commercial work within their region. No fees or commission are charged for introductions.

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ADVOC is the leading international network of independent law firms, with 95 members in 71 countries worldwide

3 weeks ago

RT @Ashfords_Law: Fascinating presentation by Phil Jones from @TheCityUK on the M&A challenges and opportunities of #Brexit @advocweb

3 weeks ago

RT @Ashfords_Law: The Cross Border M&A Conference has just got underway @Ashfords_Law @advocweb

4 months, 2 weeks ago

Dinner tonight in India for the Joint Conference!

5 months ago

RT @MacRoberts: Is a text message enough to be considered a valid #Will? Not in Scotland, as our #PrivateClient team explains:…

5 months ago

RT @gileshawkins: UK venture capital firm aims to fill hole left by EU

5 months ago

Overview of our 5th International Business Law Conference:

5 months ago

RT @gem_twemlow: First day at our home for the week @advocweb . Learning a lot. Thanks to @Ashfords_Law for this amazing opportunity…

5 months ago

RT @PeterNoyce1: Firms will be looking at opportunities but certainly firms with networks such @Multilaw @advocweb etc are well plac…

5 months ago

RT @insolvencylegal: Great Article @PeterNoyce1 . #Brexit will bring its challenges but those that are proactive can prosper. @advocweb