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Each member of ADVOC has proven record of immediate response to the needs of clients of other member firms. Each member is committed to ensuring that all clients will be more than satisfied with the service provided. Members are selected to join ADVOC for their wide experience of commercial work within their region. No fees or commission are charged for introductions.

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ADVOC is the leading international network of independent law firms, with 94 members in 70 countries worldwide

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RT @FBACHEL1ER: .@advocweb @AVOXAtweet #Europe AGM 2016 in Sofia. Here we are!

1 month ago

The ADVOC Real Estate Conference starts this Sunday in Paris - View the official invitation here:

1 month, 3 weeks ago

View all of the event photos from the Global M&A Conference, 28-29 February 2016 -

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RT @BSJPLegal: Join us at the @advocweb Real Estate Conference in Paris. With A. Kois-Mizgier as a speaker

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Global M&A Conference drinks reception #networking #advoc

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RT @banksy6: Doing the laptop check ahead of tomorrow’s global M&A conference

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RT @FBACHEL1ER: @advocweb Here we are my friends&fellows! #avoxa #ashfords

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RT @esthertromp: Looking forward to @advocweb global m&a conference starting tonight @BoelsZanders @Ashfords_Law

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RT @VDBLaw: @VDBLaw #managingpartner speaks @advocweb Global #M&A #conference in #London on 28-29 February 2016