Dear clients and friends,

In this occasion we are not going to inform you about legal news, but about some news related to the office that we would like to share with you.

Firstly, we are happy to announce Anna Vázquez Vargas's incorporation as partner. Twelve years ago Anna Vázquez began her career as lawyer in ESTUDI JURÍDIC. During these years she has grown as professional and has showed great value and efficiency. For this reason we are glad to share with you her well-deserved incorporation as partner.

Secondly, we are also glad to formally inform you about the new name of our law firm, from now on will be “ESTUDI JURÍDIC SÁNCHEZ & DE CANALS, SLP.” As you know, this was the winner proposal of the contest to find a new name , because it matches two essential elements you identify us with:  the two founding member’s names and “Estudi Jurídic” as distinctive marks.

Thank you for trusting us and best regards.