1.  As you prepare to hand over the reins of the ADVOC Global Chair to Carlos Sierra at the ADVOC Joint Conference in May, what are your memories of the last five years as ADVOC Global Chair?

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time as the ADVOC Global Chair. Certainly, a steep learning curve when you first take on the job and the biggest challenge was Covid. As we know in early 2020, the world changed forever in a somewhat dramatic way. I am delighted that ADVOC has continued to grow and flourish as a global organisation. My mantra during Covid for those looking to be part of ADVOC was ‘There was never a better time to be part of a global group such as ADVOC when you could not cross global borders’. And I am delighted with the recent news that we have once again been classified as a Band 1 Global Leading Law Firm Network of which I am very proud.

2. What do you see as the future of Advoc going forward?

I have always been excited with ADVOC and continue to be. Like any organisation we’ll face challenges as particularly there are significant geo-political global tensions and other matters affecting trade and commerce throughout the world. I am excited that Carlos Sierra from ADVOC LAC will be taking the reins in May in Singapore. In recent times the Global Chair has sat with Europe and then Asia so it is exciting that Latin America will now have chance to drive ADVOC going forward.

3.  If asked, what would be three key reasons you would give a firm as to why they would want to joint Advoc?

As I’ve said above being a Band 1 Global Leading Law Firm Network is vitally important.

Secondly, to have access to 90 law firms world-wide who give you access to the very best lawyers in the world without having to be part of a global firm is a significant benefit which gives you all the advantages of a global firm without the need to be part of a global firm and in ADVOC we have a well-managed and cost-effective structure.

Finally, it allows you to build relationships across borders which I have been honoured to do and those relationships are vital in the world of trade and commerce today and are vital in terms of sharing and learning different experiences and supporting each other through good and bad times. And are relationships you can carry through your life..