1. Carlos, this year marks a significant shift in your role within this global network of lawyers; you will be commended with the role of global president. In your opinion, what steps did you take to be considered for this position?

-Our firm has been a member of ADVOC for nearly two decades. I am honoured to have been invited to lead the Latin American Chapter and assume our turn to hold the global presidency of the association. We expect that our tenure will live up to the expectations of the global membership and contribute new ideas and projects to the growth of this fantastic group.

2. From my understanding, aviation law is not a saturated practice in Mexico or Latin America. What qualities does one’s firm need to successfully spearhead a practice in the region?

While we are a full-service firm, part of our DNA strongly specialises in aviation law, aircraft finance and leasing, commercial litigation associated with this practice, airline insolvency, etc. Latin America is a dynamic region with an increasingly growing aviation industry that requires top-level and sophisticated legal services that an increasing number of firms provide in most countries. We do our part as a regional firm providing full service to the aviation industry in Mexico and most countries in the region.

3. Would you consider your longstanding involvement with ADVOC and cooperation with other members contributing to your firm’s success?

Absolutely. We have been honoured to be entrusted with work by many of our colleagues from around the world over the years. We have delivered on such trust and have been happy to refer work to our trusted members in different jurisdictions, always with confidence that our referred clients will be treated well and receive top-skilled legal services.

4. As our new president, what vision do you have for ADVOC in the coming years?

5. As one of Latin America’s most sought-after aviation lawyers, many cases must come through your desk. What case profile would you say poses the mostsignificant challenge to solve? // What is the type of cases you are most likely to say yes to?

The increasingly sophisticated asset finance transactions in which we constantly get involved, as well as the provision of our services throughout the region to our clients in cross-border transactions, as well as, when necessary, to conduct the enforcement of remedies and the repossession of aircraft on their insolvency or default scenarios which are common to this industry constitute our most challenging tasks.