Filip Milosevic, Partner and Head of Maritime and Shipping Practice at Law Office Milosevic, alongside Abaco ltd. and its managing partner, Mr. Petar Djurovic (renowned consultants and market leaders in transportation and maritime law in Montenegro), participated in a project of paramount importance for Montenegrin maritime economy and legislative framework.


The project relates to adopting of the Maritime Economy Development Strategy for Montenegro 2020-2030 (the “Strategy”). Having in mind the fact that no strategic document in this sector has been drafted so far that would recognize and properly valorize the development potentials of this economic sector, the Strategy systematically determines priorities in the development of maritime economy and sets specific operational goals while defining activities whose implementation can be clearly monitored. The main purpose of the Strategy is to recognize and precisely define development directions in the maritime economy sector in Montenegro.


The Strategy also reflects a long-term strategic goal of Montenegro, which implies sustainable and inclusive economic growth that will contribute to reducing the development gap of the country in relation to the EU average and increase the quality of life of all its citizens. In that sense, when drafting the Strategy, viewed through the prism of the "Blue Economy", not only the basic segments of the maritime economy such as shipping and maritime transport services, shipbuilding, port infrastructure, port services and human resources are included but also all other related activities, such aseconomic activities related to the sea or coastal areas, which includes sectors such as fisheries, nautical tourism, hydrocarbon exploration and production, as well as emerging industries, such as marine biotechnology. Special attention is given to activities aimed at strengthening administrative capacities in order to create preconditions for quality realization of defined strategic goals and timely adoption of appropriate corrective measures.


It is important to point out that the Strategy envisages the development of an Action Plan that will define activities aimed at improving the employment status of Montenegrin seafarers. The subject action plan envisages activities related to possible revision of the criteria and methods of control of educational institutions dealing with seafarers' education, as well as seafarers' training centers; harmonization of competencies between the competent Ministries; development of employment programs for maritime trainees on domestic and foreign ships etc.


Alongside our trusted partners at Abaco ltd, Law Office Milosevic is proud to be a part of this important process of development of maritime economy in Montenegro and for the opportunity to contribute in regard to national and international legal framework and help this sector reach its full potential in Montenegro.