BSJP Brockhuis Jurczak Prusak Sroka Nilsson Sp. k. took 15th place in the category of the biggest business law firms in Poland in terms of the number of lawyers with professional qualifications – attorneys-at-law and legal counsels.

The ranking of law firms providing services to enterprises was prepared for the 18th time by the editorial team of Rzeczpospolita, the most prestigious Polisheconomic daily, and comprised more than 300 Polish law firms.

This year’s result comes as a big leap for BSJP, which has moved up by 5 places in comparison to the year 2018, and by 8 places when taking into account the entire legal personnel.

We would like to thank our employees and co-workers for their commitment, thanks to which, for another year in a row, we are at the very top of the ranking.