As Gárdos Mosonyi Tomori Law Office approaches its 30th anniversary, we extended the firm with three new partners.

Two of our new partners, Veronika Bakonyi and Beatrix Berkes, have been members of our team for many years. As capital markets and banking lawyers, they have proven that their professional knowledge and experience will enable them to be partners in the firm. In addition, Zita Tihanyi has gained significant legal and managerial experience as Chief Legal Counsel in an international banking group.

Veronika Bakonyi is primarily a member of our banking team. We strongly rely on her experiences in complex financing projects and services to financial land credit institutions. She also has a vast knowledge of capital market issues, and she provides advice to clients on matters related to the operation of public companies, mergers and acquisitions, stock exchange operations, financial innovations and FinTech. Client testimonials about her: “She helps the client to understand the background to the contractual provisions. She is patient. She is very well trained and has much experience. Creates a positive atmosphere in difficult situations.”

Beatrix Berkes is a key asset to our capital markets team. She is also familiar with the details of the operations of investment firms and investment fund managers and provides quick and efficient support for the safe operation of capital market participants. In this context, she also pays close attention to EU sustainability requirements, which are becoming increasingly important in the financial lmarkets. Her extensive and up-to-date knowledge provides reliable support to clients. She has been described as having “in-depth, accurate legal knowledge and business and financial expertise.”

Zita Tihanyi has spent the last decade as Chief Legal Counsel at Raiffeisen Bank, gaining vast experience in legal and compliance, data protection, financial complaints, and consumer protection matters. Her modern corporate governance skills, in addition to her legal knowledge, will undoubtedly help both our firm and our clients. The Legal 500 highlighted her on General Counsel Powerlist as one of the 120 most influential business lawyers in Central and Eastern Europe.

Our new partners’ commitment, enthusiasm, and hard work will undoubtedly contribute significantly to our firm’s continued success. We are confident that our new partners will help us maintain the 30-year excellent reputation of Gárdos Mosonyi Tomori Law Office.