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Netherlands: Boels Zanders expands M&A team

Feb 16, 2021
Netherlands:  Boels Zanders expands M&A team

On 1 February 2021, Roald Subnel will join the company law and M&A team of Boels Zanders Advocaten in Eindhoven as a partner. This reinforcement further strengthens the growth ambitions of Boels Zanders in South-east Brabant.

As a partner lawyer, Roald has extensive experience in the field of corporate and company law, including intellectual property and licensing contracts. He specialises in assisting and advising on mergers and acquisitions, participations, joint ventures, structurings and restructurings. Roald’s clients consist of both Dutch and international businesses, from listed companies to SMEs. Previously, Roald worked at LXA The Law Firm.

“We are very pleased with the reinforcement of our M&A team in Eindhoven by Roald. Roald is a seasoned deal maker and has an extensive track record in complex domestic and international (M&A) transactions, often combined with commercial contracts. In addition, we believe that Roald as a person fits into our company culture”, says Harm Heynen, managing partner of Boels Zanders.

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