The ADVOC network proved to be of great help for finding an internship abroad with another law office. The ADVOC Exchange Program encourages members to offer and receive young lawyers from other firms. An ADVOC member, Law firm Lindblad & Co Ltd. from Finland organized an exchange program for a young lawyer from Laus & Partners Law Office, Estonia. The exchange program was tailored to cover all the key elements of the Finnish legislation.

The schedule was very flexible, while keeping a firm focus on the objectives of learning over a longer period of time. The internship included involvement in numerous court proceedings (civil and criminal law), drafting of legal documents, negotiations with parties and general office work to provide a view to the Finnish working culture. Most importantly, the placement was tailored so that it focused on learning what a lawyer is expected to know in their national jurisdiction.

Work experience from a reputable law office abroad is a great addition to a young lawyer’s CV and career. Especially, if the traineeship can be organized to fill the needs of both of the law offices and the trainee, there is really no excuse to give up an opportunity like this.

Aleksi Arajärvi
Laus & Partners Law Office
Tallinn, Estonia