In March 2013, the first ever ADVOC event for younger lawyers was held in Brighton (UK). Following on from this, the Junior ADVOC practice group and committee were formed. 

We held our first meeting by teleconference in September 2013. We now have 20 representatives on the committee from 19 countries and 20 different member firms. The committee meets bi-monthly via teleconference and held its first official "in person" meeting at the 2014 Europe AGM in Zagreb. (See photo.)

The event was a great success, with committee representatives attending a variety of seminars and taking part in a number of sightseeing activities organised by the host firm, Macesic & Partners. The event was topped off with a gala dinner at the Mimara museum on the final night of the conference. 

The Junior ADVOC practice group runs parallel to the existing practice groups in the ADVOC network. It is a stand-alone group that aims to introduce younger lawyers of varying ranks (from junior lawyer to partner) to the benefits of ADVOC. 

There are no restrictions on membership, other than the group being targeted at members under the age of forty-five.

The committee is currently in the process of planning our 2015 event, which we hope will take place in conjunction with next year's ADVOC Europe 25th anniversary.

If you would like to hear more about Junior ADVOC or are interested in taking part, please contact Aoife Gallagher-Watson at CBP Lawyers in Sydney, at