The biannual Joint Meeting of the ADVOC Network was held during the Joint Conference which took place is Moscow/St Petersburg in June. During this conference Chapter Meetings were also held. Some highlights of the Joint Meeting were:

• Chris Ward was confirmed as ongoing Global President.

• The principal member in Africa,  Adams & Adams, reported on their firm and on establishing ADVOC links with other firms in Africa. They have to identified around five potential members across Africa in the near future.

• Garry Mackay reported on Practice Groups and the need  to encourage groups to be more active, host seminars etc. It is suggested that Practice Group meetings be held in conjunction with Chapter Meetings and the Joint Meetings.

• Reports were received from a number of the Practice Groups.

• John Apisith from Thailand reported on the ADVOC International Business Law Conference to be held in Bangkok in February 2020.

• Simon Rous presented findings of the Strategic Membership Survey that was sent to all ADVOC membership in 2019. The discussion regarding strategic directions is ongoing.

• A budget was approved for the 2020 year. 

• The Conference approved the holding of the next Joint Conference to be hosted by Soga Law Office in Tokyo, Japan on 12-16 May 2021.