Thomas Mambrini, an expert of administrative law, joins Cocuzza & Associati in September 2017, bringing an important expertise that will complete our traditional specialization in the retail sector of real estate.

Thomas specializes in trade administrative law, but also has a reputable experience in urban development law, building law, public procurements, and administrative trial.

Mambrini comes from Prassicoop, an association with a multidisciplinary approach that includes, among its clients, private and public entities mainly operating in the retail sector. Thomas was a member of Prassicoop as well as its legal services manager since 2008.

Thomas has gained a deep experience in urbanistic and trading feasibility studies for the development of new projects, in in the assistance for obtaining the administrative titles for starting or modifying a business, in the assistance for day-by-day administrative issues (including sanctioning procedures) as well as in the management of relations with public entities.

He has developed a specific expertise in the procedures for getting the appropriate authorizations for developing shopping centers, and large and medium sales structures, both in the start-up phase, and in the following phases (management, and possible modifications). 

Thanks to his activity in favor of public entities he has gained a deep experience in trade related procedures (such as the ones related to retail trade, public services, services activity), in the drafting of planning tools (commercial components of the urban plans), and in the related regulations as well as connected procedures.

Claudio Cocuzza, founding partner of Cocuzza & Associati, says, “We are pleased to welcome Thomas to our team: his expertise completes our 25 years’ experience in every area of retail and real estate. We are certain that his arrival will be positively valued by our customers: Thomas is an expert of trade and urbanistic legislations, and can therefore assist both properties and retailers. He will bring added value in property developments, programme agreements, and in any complex administrative procedures. No doubts that he will be busy since his first day at our office!”

Thomas has also been speaker in a high number of seminars, workshops and conferences on the above mentioned themes.

He also assists both individuals and municipalities before administrative judges in the above listed areas.

In 2009 he attended in Milan a Master in law and administrative process organized by Just Legal Services. From 2015 he has been a member of the CNCC Legal Commission (National Council of Shopping Centers). He speaks English fluently.