The meet up of Junior Advoc on 2018 has been hosted by our law firm, Cocuzza & Associati, in Milan, last November.

After a chatting session at lunchtime enjoying Italian food, the Practice Group Meeting has started. It has been focused on the cancellation of the agreement during the negotiation, and so on the precontractual liability and its effects. The session was divided in various seminars in which every participant explained how it works in his/her jurisdictions. It was very interesting to note how the same juridical issue may be dealt with differently between – basically – common law and civil law countries.

Then, a surprising presentation held by a neuromarketing specialist on "Why a customer becomes your customer" has been followed by the Agenda items of Junior Advoc.

After a Piemontese dinner and a fluo party in one of the most famous club in the city, we spent the morning after – exhausted but happy – visiting the Duomo Cathedral and a contemporary art museum in the city centre.

Farewell followed…but just for a while! Young people and professionals who enjoyed spending time together will meet up soon again!