New brand identity and new managing partner for COCUZZA

Milan, 17 January 2024 - COCUZZA opens 2024 with a new brand identity and a new managing partner.

In 2023 COCUZZA celebrated its 30-year anniversary. On the occasion of such an important jubilee the Firm has taken forward a branding project that included simplification of the Firm’s name, launch of a new logo, payoff and website. The goal of the branding is to complete a transition of a very well-known law firm in the field of real estate and corporate legal services into a truly general practice law firm active in a wide array of legal areas.

With the new image, COCUZZA re-affirms the values that have distinguished it over the past 30 years and looks into the future with confidence rooted in its history.

Founded in 1993 by Claudio Cocuzza, the law firm has office in Milan and Bologna. The team that now counts 37 between lawyers and staff is composed of experienced, multilingual professionals who have contributed over the years to the creation of a full-service law firm with a strong specialization in retail real estate.

The branding project has envisaged the appearance of an original and deeply rooted corporate identity with innovative ideas, and has united the firm under what has, in fact, already become a brand over so many years of being active in the legal market.

Value and values in legal advice” is the motto we have chosen to sum up what is paramount for COCUZZA: providing added value to its clients, always, while respecting certain core values", says Alessandro Barzaghi, outgoing managing partner. "We aim at consolidating our position in the market of medium-sized law firms and pursue the goal of expanding the number of professionals and practice areas covered, with a decisive focus on new generations.

As of January 1, 2024, Eva Knickenberg-Giardina succeeded Alessandro Barzaghi in the role of managing partner. Ms Knickenberg-Giardina is also the partner in charge of the German Desk at COCUZZA, composed of a team of bilingual lawyers. A native German speaker, Eva Knickenberg-
Giardina has a consolidated international experience in the field of investments that involve Italy and Germany, and a thorough understanding of the regulatory differences market peculiarities and diversity in business approach, existing in the two countries. She is admitted to practice both in Italy and Germany.

 "2024 marks an important moment of renewal for COCUZZA, after celebration of its 30-year anniversary in business”, concludes Eva Knickenberg-Giardina. "The new image represents a perfect synthesis of who we are and our values as an independent Italian law firm with a strong international 
reach, ready to deal with the legal issues of the future and always standing by the side of the Firm’s clients”.

*** COCUZZA – We are an independent law firm founded in 1993. Initially established as a boutique law firm we have experienced a significant organic growth since the firm inception.Today, with more than 30 professionals, we provide assistance to companies and individuals on a wide range of legal issues, acting as a full-service law firm complemented by our strong specialization in retail and commercial real estate. At the completion of our first 30 years of practice we have undertaken an ambitious expansion process in order to consolidate our position in the market of medium-sized law firms Our growth has been taking place both internally and externally. Young people are always at the center of our attention since we believe that this is the best way to look into the future with ambition. Our deeply rooted international standing is based on the experience that our partners and associates have and on the professional networks that we belong to.