ADVOC have held many client facing events:

1.    ADVOC Maritime Seminar Series – January - London
2.    Bali  International Business Law Conference 19 - 20th August 2013

We also have many planned:

3.    Global M&A January - London  27 January 2014
4.    Inheritance Tax Seminar, Frankfurt, January 2014
5.    Global M&A London - October 2014

More details are on the events page or will follow shortly.

New members

6.    BNG Legal - Cambodia
7.    Trust Law Firm - China
8.    Lindblad - Finland
9.    McKasson & Klein LLP - USA

Resources and Updates

10.   Business Guide – 30 Jurisdictions Compared
11.   Regular updates

Website update

12.    Chinese & Spanish
13.    New tab in members profile - practice groups to which that firm belongs
14.    Careers page (can go live whenever needed)


15.    Strong

(a)    6 Member Events well attended – Better than competing Networks
(b)    Increasing number of Client facing Events - Better than competitors
(c)    87 members – Middle league – Lets get 100 – Join big league

16.    Need to improve

(a)    Need more members
(b)    Too few of us ranked in Chambers

17.    Things members can do  - less circulation of legal news letters – but rather

(a)    Make or improve your profile in Chambers (Tammy can help)
(b)    Clients who are happy to be your Referees - please send to Tammy
(c)    Transactions with other ADVOC Members where approved by client - please send to Tammy
(d)    If you (as an individual or firm) are ranked in other directories or have any awards (national or international) please send to Tammy
(e)    Remember to be active on our LinkedIn page as well