The Global Executive Committee held their first meeting by circular email in July, with all members of the Committee in attendance:

•    Europe - Niels Opstrup (Chairman), Jeroen Oehlen
•    Asia - Dunstan de Souza, John Apisith Sutham
•    Latin America - Antonio Garbelini Jnr, Ivette Martinez
•    North America - Gary Tober, Bill Sellay

Following the meeting in Boston the following resolutions where made:

Support services - Ashfords will continue to provide executive services to the Committee in accordance with the proposal tabled at the Joint Meeting in Boston.

Secretary - Tamara Humphreys was appointed as the Secretary of the Committee, noting that she is providing the administrative support services for the Committee through the executive services arrangement with Ashfords.

Financial administration - Cheang & Ariff will provide the treasury function for the Network.

Business conferences  -  The Committee will discuss any proposed business conference and the dates on holding such conferences to maximise the opportunity for members to attend. Tamara has identified all the non-ADVOC legal organisations who hold conferences that are attended by members of ADVOC. A copy of this list can be found on the Extranet.

Joint Meetings - The next Joint Network meeting will take place in Peru in October 2015. To best use the time together there will be more discussions about ADVOC and other value added sessions

Next GEC Meeting - Those members of the Committee who will be in Prague for the Europe Open Board Meeting on October 4-6 seek will hold an informal discussion noting that a quorum will not be present.

Full minutes can be found on the ADVOC Extranet.