While our core business and area of practice has been and will continue to be corporate law, real estate law and financing law, in which we advise with passion and experience, we are happy to announce that we have extended our portfolio to include medical and health law.

With a gross value of almost 364.5 billion euros, the health care industry accounts for about 12.1 percent of the German gross domestic product, and the trend is rising. Around 5.8 million people are employed in the health sector. That is more than every seventh employee.

Berlin’s success as a health metropolis is based on a 300-year-old tradition as a health and science centre. More than a dozen Nobel Prize winners worked here in the past, including researchers such as Rudolf Virchow and Robert Koch.

Advances in medicine and at the same time demographic changes in society require new approaches with regard to the care of in- and outpatients.

The medical profession is facing numerous new challenges as for example with regard to professional and interdisciplinary cooperation, work environment, new approaches to solve interface problems between hospital and outpatient treatment. New professional fields, such as physician assistants, are becoming increasingly important. Furthermore there is a variety of challenges in the areas of medical device law, E-Health, data protection in the health sector and medical advertising law.

The real estate industry, too, must respond to the changing demands of an ageing society and the need for medical and nursing care when developing new projects.

We are prepared to address these future challenges and are very pleased that four new specialist lawyers are complementing us as of 01.01.2023. Julia Bette (also notary), Prof. Dr. Doerte Busch, LL.M. (Cardiff), Esther Meyer and Kerstin Brauner, all specialist lawyers for medical and health law are jointly responsible for the new focus area.

In addition Prof. Dr. Busch is an honorary professor at the EUFH – Hochschule für Gesundheit | Soziales | Pädagogik. She regularly gives lectures for Physician Assistants, Nutritional Therapists and Gerontotherapists as well as holding seminars and training events for pharmaceutical companies and medical associations. Mrs. Meyer and Mrs. Brauner are also lecturing at the EUFH.

Julia Bette is specialized in health care factoring, which is with 17 percent the second biggest factoring market with a sales volume of the factoring industry amounting to 309. 4 billion euros p.a.. The aforementioned specialization combines expertise in medical and financing law.

To express it with Aristotle: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.

In addition to our fields of activity in corporate law, real estate law and financing law we are offering comprehensive advice in medical law for service providers in outpatient care, medical device law, licensing law, billing law, labour law, data protection in the health care sector and advertising law.

Our main focus is on advising national and international entrepreneurs and investors with regard to innovative concepts of medical counselling and outpatient treatment, medical devices and also veterinary clinics and last but not least modern digital approaches within the healthcare sector with many years of experience in building successful companies.

We are pleased to be able to cover this complex area with specialist knowledge.