As a result of France innovation's strategy, some governmental initiatives have been introduced during 2014 in order to promote French capabilities to innovate at the highest level.

One of these initiatives is called "La French Tech", mobilizing the French digital ecosystem to make France a "Startup Republic". Stated aims of "La French Tech" are:

  • To accelerate growth among French digital startups in order to create world players;
  • To establish French startups on the international market;
  • To attract international talent and investors to stimulate France economy and employment.

To achieve these goals, the government set up both organizational and financial tools:

  • A "French Tech Cities" label for cities that have developed strong digital ecosystems;
  • A dedicated team, "Mission French Tech" led by the Ministry of Economy and Finance in collaboration with public and private sector operators;
  • € 200M investment budget to support startup development acceleration programmes;
  • € 15M funding to support initiatives promoting "La French Tech" abroad.

AVOXA's focus on French startups technological developments leads us to support them, providing our expertise in the technology sector and funding, in this new adventure.