In a world of changes, the necessity to precisely understand clients’ activities has led AVOXA to evolve alongside with projects leaders, companies and to adapt its teams to the markets realities. 

Deciding not to miss the boat, AVOXA has set up a new organization in order to be more efficient and fully integrated in the companies’ decision-making progress.

First, AVOXA is strongly enhancing its presence and its expertise on the following strategic sectors:

  • Digital
  • Aeronautic
  • Biotechnologies
  • Energy

AVOXA has set up teams not only able to face complex legal challenges but also having in-depth understanding and a strong background on these activities.

Innovative tools have also been examined and initiated for this end of 2015:

  • AVOXA, wholly implied in the French Tech initiative, has decided to support startups by providing a “startup legal package” which give them access to a daily advice and legal accompaniment for their first steps on the business world for a “startup fee”. Launched in July, this package is already meeting success, having about 15 startups benefiting from it.
  • AVOXA extends its offers to be as close as possible to its clients concerns. AVOXA proposes to its clients a new Outsourced Legal Direction offer granting them, in addition to our competence and our experience on their sectors, flexibility needed. 
  • AVOXA has launched a new website. More business-oriented and activity-targeted, this website is accurately reflecting AVOXA’s role & ambition.