“Unofficial” ADVOC members gathering at the 2013 annual conference of the International Bar Association in Boston

On Tuesday 8 October 2013 at the initiative of DELACOUR, Denmark, ADVOC members participating in the IBA annual conference in Boston had a breakfast meeting at the Marriott Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel.

The participants were as follows:

Anders Hedetoft


Peter Bruun Nikolajsen


Thomas Salicath


Kathleen M. Porter

Robinson & Cole LLP, Boston

Nicole Campbell

Robinson & Cole LLP, Boston

Servus Stanislav

Dvořák Hager & Partners, The Czech

Alessandro Barzaghi

Cocuzza & Associati Studio Legale, Italy

Antonio Vasquez

Sierra Vázquez Olivares Molina, Mexico

Luiz Ruiz

Arenales& Skinner-Klée, Guatemala

Antônio Garbelini Junior

Siqueria Castro, Brazil

Maria Cibele Santos

Siqueria Castro, Brazil

Neil Klein

McKasson & Klein LLP, California

Thomas Salicath initially welcomed the participants and could convey the greetings from the board of ADVOC Europe, with whom he had just met during the open board meeting in Prague 4 – 6 October 2013.

Also, Thomas Salicath once again thanked Robinson & Cole LLP (represented by Kathleen M. Porter and Nicole Campbell) for their extremely successful hosting of the ADVOC meeting in May.

In particular Mr. Neil Klein of McKasson & Klein LLP was welcomed as a new member of the ADVOC  “family”, following which at the imitative of Anders Hedetoft each of the participants gave a short presentation of themselves and their firms, including Neil Klein, who made a fine presentation of himself and his firm, which he described as a “lean and mean gravity law firm”, while also explaining that he originally was a shipping solicitor in South Africa before emigrating to California, where his firm specializes in internationally oriented tasks, including M & A, recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards and litigation (www.mckassonklein.com<http://www.mckassonklein.com>).

Luiz Ruiz of Arenales & Skinner-Klée reminded the participants of the next ADVOC event in Guatemala (Antigio) on 24 October 2013, which he strongly recommended the participants to visit, also emphasising that Antigio is a magnificent well preserved old city founded in 1542.

Subsequently the participants enjoyed an informal but very lively and interesting round table discussion on hot topics, including the shut-down and political situation in USA, Obama-care and the present health system in USA, the economical and political situation in Italy, including Silvio Berlusconi, the current and ongoing tax scandal in Denmark as to whether or not the previous government tried to influence on the decision of the tax authorities in respect of the income of Stephen Kinnock - husband of the leader of the social democratic party, who subsequently became and for two years has been prime minister of Denmark (Helle Thorning-Schmidt), and many other questions, all resulting in the meeting dragging on and all the participants suddenly realising that 1,5 hours had flown away very quickly in the pleasant company of fellow ADVOC members.