Ashfords provides financial support towards a number of placements with ADVOC firms each year. The placements are subject to an internal application and approval process and generally last for one week, applicants do not need to use their annual leave whilst on them.

Last month Gayle Hawke a Solicitor in the London Corporate Team spent a week with Robinson+Cole LLP an East Coast US law firm at its Boston office on an ADVOC placement.

Gayle had the opportunity to assist the Robinson+Cole business transactions team on English law aspects for a UK based client of theirs who were interested in expanding their UK business in America. She commented that the American legal system as a whole is very different to the United Kingdom, for example, each state has its own governing laws to abide by as well as Federal law. She also experienced the American working culture and the typical working hours of a US attorney (which are very long!)

The Robinson+Cole Boston office is located on the 25th and 26th floor of an office building in the financial district overlooking the historic Custom House and the Waterfront. In addition to attending various networking and social events with her hosts, Gayle visited the Supreme Judicial Court (the oldest appellate court in continuous use in the Western Hemisphere), and attended a Hilary Clinton Presidential Campaign fundraising event.

The opportunity to visit Robinson+Cole came from the ADVOC Placement Scheme. This was a great experience for Gayle, who was able to strengthen the existing longstanding relationship between Ashfords and Robinson+Cole and develop new relationships with the members of the Boston office.