A recent judgment was handed down by the Administrative Court in relation to a case handled by Haris Satsias of our office. Section 41(2) of the Social Insurance Law was deemed unconstitutional, as it essentially precluded men from receiving a pension prior to the enactment of a new law in 2018. The path has now been cleared for men whose spouses have passed away to claim pension benefits.


On Friday, 5 June 2020, the House of Representatives enacted legislation that significantly amends the Trade Marks Law. Amongst others, the amendments provide for multi-class applications (thus far Cyprus had only had a single-class application system), a ten-year renewal period, a single fee for the entire registration procedure, the abolition of affidavits and their replacement by declarations, and the possibility of filing documents electronically.


In order to support art workers during the pandemic, our office assisted with the drafting of an amending law to abolish the EUR 3.000 threshold for the artist's resale right (ARR) (droit de suite) to kick in. It was unanimously voted by the Plenary Session of the House of Representatives.