AP Law firm has supported the establishment of the first Bulgarian client-to-lawyer, lawyer-to-lawyer, and lawyer-to-client orientated SaaS (Software as a service) platform – www.LawMe.net. It combines “know-how” from Law with “know-how” from IT.

The platform www.LawMe.net is applicable and useful for all types and sizes of law firms and enterprises, which do not use in-house lawyers but are advised by outsourced law firms instead.

The platform provides access to all documents or files uploaded to it. The users are able to manage the files for their matters and they may check anytime and anywhere the documents that have been uploaded.

AP Law firm believes that innovations in the field of legal practice are inevitable as the world becomes more digitally mobile. The development of new technologies will guarantee easier and faster communication with our clients and colleagues.
Our future plans are to create a mobile app and add additional features based on  feedback from the first users of the platform.