SiqueiraCastro innovates by launching groundbreaking Legal Control Portal

All internal operations are concentrated in a single channel

Technological advances are affecting virtually all areas of knowledge, making it necessary to adapt to changes to be more strategic in making decisions. These new technological resources are not limited to single sectors in isolation, but rather are fundamentally altering value chains and facilitating production methods. Therefore, investing in technology is essential to aggregate value and transform business activities. It is no different in the case of law firms. The era of the “Law Firm 4.0” has arrived!

Jurimetrics, case monitoring software, artificial intelligence and data protection are various technological options available to law firms, with operations concentrated in the Legal Control sector. This enables better strategic planning and control of operations as well as the costs of rendering legal services.

The Control sector is one of the main assets of a law firm, because irrespective of the size or existing structure, it promotes the flow of information among all members. SiqueiraCastro, a firm with more than 70 years of tradition, has invested in the restructuring of the sector, and since June 2019 has been counting on a technological revolution that is transforming the lives of the partners, associate lawyers and administrative staff.

At the start of September, we launched the Legal Control Portal, a groundbreaking channel that allows concentrating all information and operational activities. All the computer programs and processes used by the firm are unified in a single place, providing fluidity – the internal activities can be carried out with just a click on a smartphone.

The new portal permits identifying strategic information online with more assertiveness, storing data and mitigating errors, because the focal points of potential problems are easily detected and nipped in the bud.

Besides the new channel, the Legal Control sector of SiqueiraCastro also counts on a control panel composed of four dashboard screens, which present in real time all the relevant information needed by the firm’s members.

SiqueiraCastro combines legal intelligence and business strategy to facilitate processes, by applying technological expertise to its projects. The new portal is tied to the priorities of the firm, which recently repositioned itself as a full-solution firm, leading the transformations in the market to offer business consulting with legal intelligence to its clients.