Siqueira Castro just obtained a victory today, in a port auction which saw one of our clients win the concession of a terminal in northern Brazil.

The Auction took place on September 28th, 2018, at B3 (formerly known as BOVESPA) in São Paulo, Brazil. Companhia Docas do Pará (CDP), a mixed capital company owned by the Federal Government, is in charge for the Petrochemical Terminal of Miramar, located in the State of Pará. Nacional Gás Butano (NGB), advised by Siqueira Castro – Advogados, participated and won the auction, which took place on September 28th, 2018, at B3 (formerly known as BOVESPA). The area subject of the auction is considered highly strategic for the distribution of PLG (Petroleum Liquefied Gas) in the whole region.

NGB was awarded with a 20-year contract with the Federal Government, involving at least R$ 100 million worth of investments and a revenue estimated of R$ 623 million for the whole period.

Siqueira Castro, through our partners Carlos Roberto Siqueira Castro and Fernando Villela, worked on the deal.