Siqueira Castro – Advogados continues its growing strategy with a ground shaking move. The Firm just announced the incorporation of the whole IP team of the traditional São Paulo Firm  De Vivo, Whitaker, Castro  e Gonçalves Advogados. Márcio Costa de Menezes e Gonçalves, who until now was a “naming partner” of his former firm and headed its IP team, is the new head of the IP practice of Siqueira Castro – Advogados. Márcio Gonçalves is coming to the São Paulo office with his entire team of lawyers (Eduardo Ribeiro Augusto, Pedro Zardo Júnior, Anderson Alexandria Lins, Laura Garkish Haimoffand Juliana Araújo Amorim Ikuno), as well as trainees and administrative staff.

 “We are very excited with Mr. Gonçalves’ and his competent team’s admission to our office. Without any doubt he is a big name in intellectual property in Brazil. We are taking an important step towards the consolidation of our full service operation in the IP area, which has become one of the major areas here at Siqueira Castro – Advogados in the last few years,” says Carlos Fernando Siqueira Castro, managing partner of the Firm.

Mr. Gonçalves is the chairman for Instituto do Capital Intelectual (ICI – Intellectual Capital Institute), assistant director in Foreign Relations and Trade for Centro das Indústrias do Estado de São Paulo (Ciesp – São Paulo State Industry Center), and was recently nominated by Análise Advocacia magazine as one of the most admired IP lawyers in Brazil. He is also a former Executive Secretary of the Brazilian’s National Council against Intellectual Property Piracy and Offence from the Ministry of Justice.