Estudio Jurídico Gerke, Sociedad Civil, our new member in Bolivia, are proud to announce that the Book “Los Juristas de La independencia” (The Jurist from the Independence) has being published in Spain by Marcial Pons Editorial for Legal and Social Issues. 

Carlos Gerke Mendieta, founder and partner of the Estudio Jurídico Gerke, Soc. Civ. was selected to write the Bolivian Chapter.

You can find the book by clicking here.

Marcial Pons Editorial for Legal and Social Issues S.A. (founded in 1989) is a specialised Editorial well known for publishing high scientific and careful technical preparation books for the academic and professional community of Spanish and Latin American law. To date, it is the number one of it´s kind in Spain.

Book summary:

The Jurists from the Independence

The overnight appearance of an independent Constitutional State where there was only a Viceroyalty, a Royal Governor or only a Royal Court, is one of the most amazing political processes of Western history.  Mexico, Guatemala, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil ..., each and every one of the Spanish-American States will begin an inedited journey during the first half of the nineteenth century.  Multiracial colonial societies decided, after brief revolutionary processes, to build nations composed by free and equal citizens.  How could this be possible? Or a better-formulated question: Was that really so? Answering that question and make it through the work that lawyers and jurists held in the construction of each of the Latin American states is the objective of this book. A book written in each chapter, by the best specialist in each of the Countries of what is now a reality: all Latin American Nations.” (Free translation of the web page summary).