On 2 November 2022, BSJP Brockhuis Jurczak Prusak Sroka Nilsson and JCJK Kancelaria Prawna law firms entered into a strategic alliance to form an interdisciplinary legal team focused on IT, new technologies and e-commerce. As a result of the partnership, clients of both firms will be offered a chance to benefit from an expanded range of highly specialized legal services, including direct access to experts based in five offices in Poland.

Both BSJP and JCJK have many years of experience in carrying out projects in the area of the broadly understood state-of-the-art technologies, and the combined capacities of the firms will be used to deliver comprehensive services to clients.

The announced partnership will provide a foundation for building a legal team dedicated to servicing all segments of the new technologies market. The newly formed BSJPtech department will include a total of 12 lawyers working together to support companies operating across sectors such as IT, e-commerce and innovation. Thanks to the combined potentials of both law firms, BSJPtech’s clients will not only have a team of specialists fluent in new technologies law at their disposal, but will also gain access to legal consulting services in all branches of law.

For several years, BSJP has been intensively developing its IP, IT and New technologies department, which is regularly recommended in international legal rankings—says Maciej Prusak, attorney-at-law and Partner at BSJP. The team-up with JCJK will further strengthen the practice and serve as a response to the growing demands of our clients, including foreign ones. It is a significant move towards formation of a nationwide IT practice that will be accessible to tech companies and, at the same time, it is a signal that we will strive to increase our share in such a dynamically developing sector of the advisory services market as new technologies law.

According to Jakub Kabza (PhD), attorney-at-law and Partner at JCJK, the combination of potentials opens up a number of new business opportunities:

JCJK has been providing services to new technologies clients since the firm’s incorporation, and the decision made several years ago to focus specifically on this domain proved to be the right answer to the changing needs of the market. It has also been an impulse for the dynamic development of the Firm. We are very pleased that our activity in this area has been appreciated by our clients, which also became the basis for a strategic partnership with BSJP. We see JCJK and BSJP’s joint undertaking as another step in the broadening of the offer for new technologies companies that are in demand of professional legal assistance.

BSJP is one of the market’s leading full-scope business law firms. With a team of more than 70 attorneys-at-law, tax advisers and patent attorneys based in four locations in Poland (Gdańsk, Katowice, Poznań, Warsaw), BSJP offers a 360-degree support to domestic and foreign businesses, including both large corporates and those at the initial stages of growth (start-ups and scale-ups).

JCJK is a Kraków-based law firm specializing in servicing clients from the new technologies sector. Utilizing their unique know-how developed over the last several years, JCJK’s experts advise clients from industries such as IT, new technologies and e-commerce—currently more than 100 entities from all over Poland.

For more information on BSJP and JCJK’s strategic partnership and the collaborative BSJPtech project, please contact attorney-at-law and Partner at BSJP Maciej Prusak (maciej.prusak@bsjp.pl) or attorney-at-law and Partner at JCJK Jakub Cebula (jakub.cebula@jcjk.pl).