Gary Newton a partner in the property team of CBP Lawyers, ADVOC Asia’s member firm in Sydney, had a holiday in Hong Kong straight after Chinese New Year on 1 February 2012. He took this opportunity to visit our Hong Kong member Fred Kan & Co. Gary is pictured with Timothy Cheung and Vincent Chu.

ADVOC places a high value on personal relationships and we believe that it is important to develop these relationships not only during our annual conferences, but also on other occasions when lawyers from member firms travel internationally. Cultivating relationships with lawyers from ADVOC firms in other jurisdictions has multiple benefits. It gives lawyers a global perspective on developments in the legal market, provides an opportunity to discuss emerging challenges, allows practitioners to be more aware of differences between practicing styles and makes our network stronger.

Gary reports that he was able to have a good meeting with lawyers of our Hong Kong ADVOC Asia member, including discussing mutual work referral opportunities.