Since 2015, the practice has lead the charge in the conveyancing process thanks to the production of CBP Exchange. The program leverages off DocuSign and removes the expense of producing and managing paper contracts, resulting in the ability to collect electronic signatures and report in real-time, the capability to serve clients from anywhere at any time, massive reductions in environmental impacts and increased agility and flexibility of teams to be able to work without geographical boundaries.
As a result, the practice has managed to save approximately:

  • 9.6 million print pages
  • 460,000 kilos of wood
  • 11.3 million litres of water
  • 1.1 million kilos of carbon
  • 75,000 kilos of waste.

A special thank you to Business Systems Manager Andrew Elphick and the IT and Property teams for their dedication and time spent bringing this to life and driving this forward.