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‘Significant Investor’ visa – a new pathway to Australia for migrant investors

The new ‘significant investor’ visa commenced on 24 November 2012, providing a new visa pathway to Australia for migrants who invest more than AUD $5 million in certain Australian investments. The visa is part of the Business Innovation and Investment Visa Program, which was introduced on 1 July 2012, and offers migrants who hold the investment in Australia for a minimum of four years (on a temporary visa) to become eligible for a permanent visa.

The new visa offers migrant investors an opportunity to obtain a permanent visa in Australia without having to meet a number of the usual restrictions applicable to most business and investment visas. For example, applicants do not have to satisfy the ‘points test’ – a test that allocates points to attributes such as level of education and study, extent of work experience etc. Further there are no upper age limit restrictions or English language requirements for applicants.

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