The members of ADVOC Asia held a teleconference on 27 August 2013. Items discussed at the teleconference included:

  • Recognising Ledgisperitus of Jakarta as the successor of Alfredo Associates such that Ledgisperitus is now the ADVOC member for Indonesia
  • Receiving a preliminary report on the First ADVOC Business Law Conference in Bali in August, with a full report to be presented at the Annual General Meeting in November
  • Noting that the next Joint Conference would be in the second half of 2015 such that the ADVOC Annual General Meeting of 2015 would be held in Peru as part of the Joint Conference
  • Determining that Kott Gunning of Perth, Western Australia would host the Annual General Meeting of ADVOC Asia for 2014 on 6-10 November 2014
  • Noting that steps were being taken to identify new members in Myanmar (Burma) and Laos

Members were asked about their attendance at the Annual General Meeting of ADVOC Asia in Chiang Mia, Thailand from 7-10 November. There are already a good number of registrations, including a number from Europe. Every indication is that the conference will be well supported by our ADVOC Asia membership.

Simon Fraser
For ADVOC Asia Executive Committee