ADVOC is pleased to announce the creation of a List of Arbitrators comprising lawyers from its member firms who wish to be considered or recommended for appointments in suitable and appropriate cases. Needless to say, this will be subject to the usual clearance for conflicts, and agreement as to appointment terms, fees etc, all of which should be negotiated directly with the potential arbitrator.

The list is intended to be an additional platform for members practicing as arbitrators to surface their expertise and willingness to be considered for appointments, and ADVOC makes no representation with respect to any panel member. All appointments shall be pursuant to negotiations between the parties and the panel member.

The preliminary questionnaire filled out by the members of the panel can be found below:

Name  Country  Email   Photo  Full profile
 Andre Brantjes The Netherlands  Andre Brantjest Full profile
 Fred Kan China (Hong Kong)  Fred Kan Full profile
 Henry Rodriguez  Costa Rica  Henry Rodriguez  Full profile
 John Sze  Singapore  John Sze  Full profile
 Jude Benny  Singapore  Jude Benny  Full profile
 Michael Veltins  Germany  Michael Veltins  Full profile
 Radomir Milosevic  Serbia Radomir Milosevic  Full profile
Rocco Russo Australia Rocco Russo Full profile