Fred Kan, of Fred Kan & Co, one of the founding fathers of ADVOC Asia, has been appointed by the Hong Kong Law Society Council as the chairman of its committee on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement.

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement is an international free trade agreement between 15 countries including the Asia-Pacific nations of Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.

 As of 2020, the 15 member countries account for approximately 30% of the world’s population (2.2 billion) and 30% of global GDP (26.2 trillion) making it the biggest trade bloc in history. "This is an immense credit to Fred, who has been tireless in his efforts in the Asian region for such a long period of time," said Chris Ward, Chairman of Advoc.