LuatViet is growing rapidly thanks to the increasing demands of clients
and also to the professional and international approach to serving its
clients. It is the commitment of the firm to provide professional legal
services to both our international and local clients and to keep the quality
of our legal services at the highest standard.
LuatViet is pleased to announce that Mr. John Yue has joined the firm as a
partner. John was the firm’s senior counsel starting in 2007 - 2010. After
working at an international renewable energy company on its IPO listing,
project development and financing regulatory compliance, M&A, and
litigation matters. His years of service have made significant contributions
to the firm and its clients.
His practice includes corporate and cross-border transactions, M&A, and
renewable energy, and project financing We are excited to welcome John as
the firm’s newest partner, and look forward to his continued commitment
to providing our clients with quality legal representation.
“We are truly delighted to welcome back John as a partner of the firm. Surely,
our clients will benefit  from his extensive business knowledge and legal
experience for delivering and executing innovtive solutions. Mr. Tran Duy
Canh, LuatViet’s Managing Partner said. “A native bilingual Chinese and
English speaker, and with nearly 10 years working at a global company as an
senior in-house counsel, I believe that John fully understands the requirements
of our clients, and with his acute business insights in the sectors such as energy,
fintech project financing securitization, EPC transactions, and thus he can
provide our clients with the very efficient and practical solutions under any
circumstances.” Mr. Canh added.
Mr. John Yue will be based in Ho Chi Minh City.