Dunstan D’Souza and Dato Jude P Benny had the pleasure of attending the Lex Africa AGM in Mauritius, last month, on behalf of the ADVOC Executive Committee. As you may all recall, we had initiated contact with Lex Africa, in an effort to develop friendships with law firms in Africa, where ADVOC has no representation. We were warmly welcomed, and I am pleased to report that we were very impressed by the quality of the Lex Africa membership, and the professionalism of their secretariat.

In furtherance of the initial contact, we have agreed with Lex Africa that we will collaborate on an informal and non-exclusive basis, with each network inviting their respective members to events organized by the other, and also exchange newsletters and other publications. I see this as a positive development for ADVOC, and will give us both professional and marketing reach into Africa. I can also vouch for the friendliness of the Lex Africa members, and I am sure you will all enjoy the personal friendships that may develop. Kindly visit their website at


From the Chairman, ADVOC EC

Dato Jude P Benny