The ADVOC International Business Law Conference was hosted by Fred Kan & Co. in Hong Kong, China on 1 March 2019. The Conference’s theme was “Commercial Litigation, Arbitration and Enforcement Issues in Asia Pacific and Beyond”. It was attended by more than 80 overseas and local delegates.

Our speakers and panelists (all within our ADVOC network) covered 4 topics: civil litigation and cross-border enforcement, IP litigation and interim relief, winding-up vs. arbitration: which shall prevail, international arbitration: choice of law and forum.

The local delegates were mainly in-house counsel and legal managers in Hong Kong. Most of them were invited by our panelists.

Their response was good:

“We’re so pleased to attend the conference, which has benefited us a lot”

“Thank you very much for organizing such a great event”

“It was a good opportunity to meet so many professional lawyers from different part of the world”


“very entertaining presentation (Topic 2)”

“experienced speakers!”

“very useful conference materials”

We have uploaded the relevant conference materials here:

    Access link:

    Password: ADVOC2019 (case-sensitive)

    Available until: 30 June 2019

We thank again our speakers and panelists and other ADVOC members (from Europe and Asia) joining the Conference. Your active participation has helped a lot in making it happen.