ADVOC prides itself on the ease and confidence in referrals from member to member.

The below praise is from Centrax, a client of Ashfords LLP, in England. Centrax have a worldwide reputation for quality and reliability in the power generation and complex component manufacture markets. For more information, please see their website:


Dear Simon [Rous, Chairman of Ashfords LLP],

A quick note to congratulate you once again on the quality of the ADVOC network.

We have just won a contract in Germany and were greatly assisted by Victoria von Meding of Bernzen Sonntag.  She mastered the brief extremely quickly and was most helpful in the final negotiations. Her colleague, Andreas Lubitz, has also been of great help to us on previous projects.

Bernzen Sonntag continue the excellent quality we have received from the ADVOC network over the years.  Peter Gardos [of Gárdos, Füredi, Mosonyi, Tomori] in Budapest and Francois Grandmaison of Cornet Vicent Segurel in France have also been outstanding.

Congratulations for having the foresight to initiate the network and the judgement to select such good partners.

Thank you!