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Oct 03, 2022

There is currently a great drive around the world to develop environmental practices and sustainability in multiple sectors, and the space sector… Read more

Scotland: Is there space to be sustainable?
Oct 03, 2022

Lord Braid’s recent judgement in the case of Supaseal Glass Limited v Inverclyde Windows Manufacturing Limited serves as a useful reminder of… Read more

Scotland: Contract or No Contract? Supaseal Glass Limited v Inverclyde Windows Manufacturing Limited
Sep 26, 2022

Polish lawyer Anna Palus has instructed solicitors to bring defamation proceedings against Nick Kyrgios, after his complaints led to her temporary… Read more

Scotland: First Serve: Nick Kyrgios and the Defamation and Malicious Publication (Scotland) Act 2021
Aug 08, 2022

Robinson+Cole Managing Partner and past Litigation Section Co-chair Rhonda J. Tobin has been named one of Benchmark Litigation’s Top 250 Women… Read more

USA: Robinson+Cole Managing Partner Among Benchmark Litigation’s Top 250 Women in Litigation
Jul 29, 2022

Cooper Grace Ward has received one of the Australian legal industry’s top awards for 2022: the annual Beaton Client Choice Awards in the category… Read more

Australia: Cooper Grace Ward wins ‘Best Law & Related Services Firm’ in the Beaton Client Choice Awards 2022
Jul 28, 2022

Recent surveys demonstrate that at least one third of the consumers is available to pay a “premium” (i.e. an additional price) to buy green products. Read more

Italy: The narrow borders between green marketing and green-washing: legal (and commercial) risks of a wrong promotion of the products
Jul 25, 2022

Best Lawyers has announced its annual list of leading lawyers, and CGW is thrilled to have 20 team members listed across 26 practice areas in… Read more

Australia: 20 CGW partners listed in Best Lawyers Australia
Jul 25, 2022

Cooper Grace Ward Lawyers is extremely proud to be among the winners recognised in Human Resources Director (HRD) magazine’s 5-Star Employer… Read more

Australia: Cooper Grace Ward wins 5-Star Employer of Choice Award for 2022
Jul 24, 2022

Inadequate cybersecurity risk management systems and cyber resilience constituted a contravention of Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL)… Read more

Australia: Inadequate cybersecurity contravenes AFSL obligations
Jul 24, 2022

Domestic IoT CCTV, smart doorbells and home multimedia devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Nest can collect large amounts of data on the… Read more

Australia: Can you plot to overthrow the government in the privacy of your own home?
Jul 24, 2022

NFTs are said to be the 'second wave' of crypto assets, but like anything, where there is value there is the potential for disputes, litigation… Read more

Australia: NFTs - revolutionary product or new litigation frontier?
Jul 24, 2022

When a principal contractor or senior builder enters administration, there are a significant number of risks which, if navigated property, can… Read more

Australia: The collapse of ProBuild - how mitigating risks early can save a company
Jul 24, 2022

Under Australian common law a master may detain a person on their ship if the master has reasonable cause to believe, and does in fact believe,… Read more

Australia: Cruise ship operators, captains and senior officers should be aware of the decision in Royal Caribbean Cruises v Rawlings
Jul 24, 2022

The definition of “personal information” under s 6(1) of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) is a threshold question that determines the boundaries of… Read more

Australia: Missing the wood for the trees? Problems with the definition of “personal information” in Australian law
Jul 24, 2022

Australia is yet to legislate a private cause of action for individuals in relation to privacy and data breaches (although there are other causes… Read more

Australia: A historical review of compensation for breach of the Privacy Act in Australia
Jul 24, 2022

52 lawyers from national practice Colin Biggers & Paisley have been recognised in the 15th Best Lawyers Awards across 17 disciplines - the largest… Read more

Australia: Colin Biggers & Paisley records record wins in 15th edition of Best Lawyers Awards
Jul 23, 2022

Post-Grenfell, the Scottish Government has 'ploughed its own furrow' in building safety matters. One aspect of that can be seen in the very important… Read more

Scotland: The Building (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2022: A ban on using ‘highly combustible metal composite material’ in cladding on certain buildings
Jul 22, 2022

In recent years, Scotland has seen a sharp rise in the number of jobs within the space sector and now makes up for one fifth of the space workforce… Read more

Scotland: Large increase in space workforce in Scotland in recent years
Jul 21, 2022

The organisers of this year's Commonwealth Games hope to make it the first ever carbon neutral Games, and have used the failings of the 2014… Read more

Scotland: Carbon Neutral Commonwealth Games: Is it too good to be true?
Jul 20, 2022

The Czech Republic is currently undertaking a new attempt at implementing the Directive (EU) 2019/1937 of the European Parliament and of the… Read more

Czech Republic: Bill on the protection of whistleblowers
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