The ADVOC Real Estate Conference 2019 is kindly being hosted by Boels Zanders in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

The Conference will be held on Thursday 11 April 2019 with a drinks and dinner reception. The Conference will take place on Friday 12 April 2019 and includes a visit to the High Tech Campus.

The Real Estate Conference will run alongside the ADVOC Employment and HR meeting. The two groups will join together for the drinks and dinner reception on Thursday evening and separating for their meetings on Friday.

The topic of the Conference will be: New business sectors or events as a driving force for orientated area development. A recipe for success?

Events or new business sectors are regularly the driving force behind area development, such as the revitalisation of an old city district.

An event provides positive promotion and energy, attracts tourism and has a hard deadline. The development of new business sectors can also be interesting to put a city or region on the map.

What factors make for a success story? And what are the legal and commercial pitfalls?

During the Conference, a number of market players and a number of ADVOC lawyers will try to answer these questions. A visit to the Eindhoven High Tech Campus will be part of the Conference. You will be able to experience the Dutch Silicon Valley yourself.

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