15 years ago I helped to create the annual Cross-Strait Lawyers’ Golf Tournament to bring lawyers from the Mainland of China, Taiwan and Hong Kong together. It has proved to be a very successful golf tournament.

This year’s tournament will be held on 26-28 October 2019 in Tianjin. Two games will be played, on 27 October at the Tianjin Binhai Forest Golf Club (天津滨海森林高尔夫球会) and on 28 October at the Tianjin Ecology City Longhai Golf Club (天津生态城龙海高尔夫球会). Like last year’s event, it will draw the participation of around 150 lawyers.

As the founder of the Cross-Strait Lawyers’ Golf Tournament, I have been asked by the golf teams representing the law associations of major Chinese cities to explore the feasibility of initiating an international golf tournament for lawyers to be known as The Lawyers’ World Cup of Golf.

I shall do so by bringing an international team of ten to this year’s Cross-Strait Lawyers’ Golf Tournament. Apart from the cost of travelling to Tianjin, all costs of participation in the tournament will be free (including green fees, meals and three nights (26, 27 and 28 October) single room accommodation at Hilton Tianjin Eco City).

If you are interested, please contact me at ka-chong@fredkan.com on or before 15 August 2019.

Fred Kan

 Click here to download the full pdf invitation