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March 2012

From twitter

MaddocksLawyers - Aged care managers: Hear our partner discuss privacy law at tomorrow’s @LawSenseAU Seminar...

7 hours ago

cremadescsotelo - Banco Madrid prevé que sus acreedores recuperen todo el dinero. por @JuandePortillo vía @CincoDiascom #bancomadrid

10 hours ago

cremadescsotelo - Multas económicas al #Barça, al #Athletic y a la #RFEF por la pitada al himno vía @elmundoes #FinalCopaDelrey

11 hours ago

ADVOC LA - First Annual Meeting

Patton Moreno & Asvat is pleased to be your host. The invitations will be sent shortly, but we want to give you preliminary information and a glimpse of the program, so you can book the ADVOC LA meeting in your calendar and make reservations for flights to Panama.

Please can you indicate your interest with Ivette Martinez ( or Gina Rios ( by 15th March.