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March 2012

From twitter

RobinsonCole - Privacy Tip 11: Opt-out when you can #dataprivacy #datasecurity

7 hours ago

RobinsonCole - Deck the halls with… lots of drones – just don’t forget to register them with the FAA #dronelaws

8 hours ago

RobinsonCole - Facial recognition technology may be used as a method of verifiable parental consent #childrensprivacy

8 hours ago

ADVOC LA - First Annual Meeting

Patton Moreno & Asvat is pleased to be your host. The invitations will be sent shortly, but we want to give you preliminary information and a glimpse of the program, so you can book the ADVOC LA meeting in your calendar and make reservations for flights to Panama.

Please can you indicate your interest with Ivette Martinez ( or Gina Rios ( by 15th March.