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This new addition confirms the desire of Cornet Vincent Ségurel to continue the structuring of its real estate law practice and the development of its Lille office. Created in 2011, the firm now consists of 10 lawyers, including 3 partners.
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In a world of changes, the necessity to precisely understand clients’ activities has led AVOXA to evolve alongside with projects leaders, companies and to adapt its teams to the markets realities.
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The Oxford Dictionary defines the word ‘adversary’ as ‘one’s opponent in a contest, conflict, or dispute’. That definition goes some way to explaining the adversarial legal system in the England and Wales under which, essentially, representatives from each party take opposing positions to debate and argue their case, whilst the Judge's role is to uphold principles of fairness and equality...
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Gárdos, Füredi, Mosonyi, Tomori Law Office Gárdos, Füredi, Mosonyi, Tomori Law Office

Gárdos, Füredi, Mosonyi, Tomori Law Office

Budapest, Hungary

T: +36 1 327 7560
F: +36 1 327 7561

About Gárdos, Füredi, Mosonyi, Tomori Law Office

Founded in 1990

Gárdos, Füredi, Mosonyi, Tomori Law Office is an independent Hungarian firm that provides high standard, personalised legal services. The firm aims to contribute effectively to the prevention and management of legal risks of its clients. The Law Office specialises in banking law, capital market and securities law, and insurance law. In addition, the office has considerable experience in the field of corporate law, competition law, labour law and government contracts. Representation of the clients in judicial and extrajudicial dispute resolution processes also plays an important role in the firm's practice.